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With just ten seats in our restaurant, Essence offers one of Sweden's most unique and exclusive dining experiences.


As a guests at Essence the evening begins in the lounge where we serve several smaller dishes before moving onto our kitchen counter or "Chef's Table". The counter overlooks the kitchen and the Chef as he prepares and serves you the rest of the evenings menu.


"Essence is an experience out of the ordinary. Every detail is meticulously planned in an experimental workshop that is otherwise only found in star restaurants in Sweden."

OUR menu

As a small restaurant we serve a set tasting menu to all of our guests. 

The menu consists of around 10 servings, it is served as a surprise from start to finish and changes slightly every day.

Our restaurant is very small and there are a lot of working hours involved in preparing and serving our menu. For our concept to function to the high standard we aim for, It is not possible for us to adapt the menu for guests with allergies or other dietary requirements. 

Our restaurant is aimed at people who enjoy both classic and new flavour combinations, served in a fun and elegant way. 

We take reservations for groups of 1-6 guests.

If you are a larger group of 8-14 guests, please contact us by email and we can offer you the opportunity to book the whole restaurant for yourself.  

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